South Luogu Lane (南锣鼓巷 aka hunchback street) of Beijing was build in 1267 when Yuan Da Du (元大都)was constructed.  The lane is called  Luogu (hunchback) due to its "luogu" feature with middle part higher than the two ends.  This area was among the 25 areas listed for historical preservation by Beijing Municipal government.  The Completed map of Beijing, formulated in 1750 on 15th year of Qianlong period (Drawn to scale 650:1, 14m wide 13m long), showcase the history of the area. 

Its  an 800-meter (2624 ft)  long North-South alleyway with cafes, bars, and shops all designed in classical Chinese 'hutong' style. The South Luogu Lane has 16 Hutongs running across from south to north; 8 in the east and 8 in the west.  It is one of the  hottest attractions in Beijing. 

There are more 130 various stores, which include coffee houses, bars, stores with Chinese traditional handicrafts.  They pass on the living feeling of the old Beijing and at the same time play around with fashion elements of modern world.  I even came across a hostel for backpackers.    If you have chance visiting Beijing this is a must see place. 

South Lougu Lane

A lady was posing for me in front of porcelain jewelry store

南锣鼓巷 Nan Lou guo xiang Beijing

Cafe & Bar named  Wiggly & Jiggly's