Days before:  We planned the trip as a 8-days backpacking trip, one day for travel and sightseeing, and 7-day  for backpacking.   This was the longest backpacking trip I ever attempted. I'm not as strong as a mule  😂, so I was only willing to carry 35 lb maximum.  A bear canister is required for this trail.  

My Gear

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Day 0 (8/3): Kings Canyon, giant forest, Dorst camp ground • this was the travel and a relax day. pick up permit at lodgepole visitor center. we camped at Dorst compound. The lodgepole campground would be preferred for it a centralized location. the lodgepole campground is very popular we couldn't get a spot. Park free shuttles are available and convenient, see map. We took a couple shuttles to go from Dorst campground to crescent meadow trailhead to start our hike the next day

waiting for bus to Sequoia National Park


place to pick up permit


Park Bus Route

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Dorst Campground

IMG_2545 tent day1

Dorst campground star glow

IMG_2567stars (1 of 1)

Day1  (8/4): hiking started from Crescent Meadow to 9 mile creek campground • We were shooting for bearpaw meadow campground; but we didn't get to Crescent meadow trailhead until afternoon. most of time was spent waiting for buses, so lodgepole campground would be better choice if you can help it. The hike was pleasant. most of the trail is somewhat flat. The climb was roughly 1000 feet (Crescent meadow at elevation 6706 feet and nine mile creek at 7546 feet). there are three other campgrounds (Mehrten Creenk, 9 mile creek & Buck creek) between crescent meadow and bearpaw meadow. Listen to your body and time if you can't make to your original planed destination. you can always make up the distance another day.

Crescent Meadow trailhead


ferguson fire affected the views on first day of the hike

IMG_0005 eagle view

Trail was flat and relatively easy

IMG_2678 trail (1 of 1)

The view is magnificent nevertheless

IMG_2679 views (1 of 1)

Creeks and streams are found on the trail throughout

IMG_2737 waterfall

Edible berries - Sierra Gooseberry are found on trail


Day 2 (8/5): Nine Mile Creek (7546 ft) to Upper Hamilton Lake (8238 ft).

“You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”  ~ Winnie the Pooh

This section is of the trip one of the most memorable and iconic for me. Reason being, the weather was nice. the sky was clear of the Ferguson fire smoke. I have the most pictures to prove it.

The entire section of this trail is very scenic

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Climb towards the Great Western Divide

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Bearpaw Meadow High Sierra Camp In distance

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Don't take the over the hill trail or you will miss this bridge

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looking down from the bridge

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Getting closer to the Great Western Divide

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Taking in the scenary

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Remember to stop here and take pictures at Bearpaw High Sierra Camp

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