When I was an adolescent, I became captivated by photography after taking a series of physics classes on optics. I had the opportunity to work in a dark room in high school where I developed negatives and worked with an enlarger. I fell in love with the science behind all of the processes. That’s how my interest in photography began, and my love for photography has grown and developed ever since.

I love the outdoors and staying active. You will find me with a camera in front of my eyes wherever I go—even when I’m hiking to the summit of a 3,500 meter peak and already carrying enough weight. I’m always ready when the opportunity arises to capture something that catches my eye. My family knows I treat my camera as if it were another child of mine 😉

Nature, landscapes, people, and events are my specialty.

For booking & inquires, please contact me at shupingyin@captainphotography.com. Thank you for visiting my website 😊

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